Mexico and European civil society concerns and proposals about “modernisation” of the EU-Mexico global agreement

source : S2B, 27/06/2017

The EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (which is part of the Global Agreement) entered into force 17 years ago. The existing free trade agreement allowed the EU to get 95% of goods and services liberalisation. Yet, the EU has deemed this treaty “outdated”. The “modernised” EU-Mexico agreement aims to reach the same level of liberalisation as in the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA). Because tariffs between Mexico and the European Union are already low, the proposed agreement would focus on deepening services liberalisation, regulatory issues, investors’ rights, government procurement and state enterprises, intellectual property rights and non-tariff trade barriers. It will include chapters on investment protection (including investor-state dispute settlement), regulatory cooperation, and intellectual property rights, among others. Lire.

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